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If you follow this account on a regular basis you will probably notice I've become increasingly erratic about posting here. My apologies.

Deviant Art isn't the best place to post cartoons online for a variety of reasons. Considering the way the site is designed it's hard to find cartoons and it is hard to figure out where to post them where people will see them.

Plus DA just doesn't have that large of an audience for cartoons unless you create Furry, Yaoi or other work for very specific fandoms.

I won't stop posting on DA in the foreseeable future, I'm just probably going to be pretty flaky about it.

If you're interested in following Vegetables for Dessert (the name of the strip) on a regular basis you can find it on:…

Tapastic, a great site for viewing and posting comics. If you are a cartoonist I would highly recommend using this site.…

I'm pretty sure you all know what facebook is.  Though facebook won't always tell people when a new cartoon is posted.…

I hear tumblr is pretty popular with the kids these days too.

JayaLaw Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
On the other hand, DA offers the most room for interaction on my opinion. It's not a huge audience, but I've acquired a tiny following.
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